MODEL is quite useful and effective as simplified monitoring system. Supplier. Model. Capacity. SanDisk Corporation. Renesas Technology Corporation. Wish to remove the USB driver for KEW POWER METER completely since the install of the driver for “KEW POWER METER ” starts automatically when. KEW /; MODEL RSC, MODEL USB; MODEL USB; KEW ; KEW ; KEW ; MODEL ; MODEL ; KEW

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Check the pairing connection is established or not. First, please remove the USB driver, and reinstall it.

A manufacturer developing, producing and selling electrical measuring equipment

There is a possibility that the USB driver is not installed. Please download the driver via the CD supplied. Normally, when installed the kyritsu, the USB driver will be also automatically installed. In the case that the USB driver only was deleted or to use more than two units of model with one personal computer, it is necessary to re-install the USB driver.

Only the recorded lyoritsu in the internal memory can be transferred to the personal computer via the USB cable. The recorded data in the CF card cannot be transferred directly to the personal computer.

To transfer the recorded data you have to use the card reader model Do you use a CF card which Kyoritsu did not check and confirmed the operation? Are you formatting the CF kyoditsu via computers? It is possible that a CF card which was formatted via a personal computer cannot be used with model Please format the CF card which was formatted via a personal computer or the brand new CF card as per oyoritsu procedure described in Setting 20 Formatting of CF card.

All the customized parameters should return to the initial value. And all the internal memory will be deleted. If the same file number “” already exists in the CF card, the former file will be overwritten.


However, when you finish the measurement, if you set the function switch to the OFF position directly from the W range, the file will remain open and the data will not be saved. Be sure to set the function key to any ranges other than the OFF range from the W range in order to close the file.

Kyoritsu Power Meter with Clamps | eBay

The recorded data in the internal memory will be deleted when the system reset Setting 23 is used. Be sure to set the function switch at the OFF position before you insert or remove a CF card from the unit.

If the CF card is inserted or removed with the switch being set at the ranges other than the OFF range, it is possible that the data recorded in the CF card is damaged. If the AC power supply is interrupted and the batteries are not incorporated, the data under measurement will be lost. In the case of using batteries, in case the batteries exhaust, the automatically save the measured data.

Therefore, it is recommended to install the batteries in the even if using AC power supply. The internal battery may kyiritsu exhausted. Please make contact with Kyoritsu or your local Kyoritsu distributor. It should be same as the clamp sensors kyofitsu you use for measurement. Be sure to use the same type of sensor when you use more than one sensor.

It is possible to connect maximum 3 clamp sensors at one measurement, however, it is possible to use one type of clamp sensor. Be sure that the test leads are connected correctly to the voltage input terminals.

KYORITSU 6300 Instruction Manual User Manual

At the single-phase 3-wire and three-phase 3-wire measurement, connect the test leads at VN blueV1 redV2 green at the voltage input terminals.

Connect the lead at V3 black terminal only at the three-phase kyoritzu wire measurement. At the current range Setting: When the current range A is selected, and if the value is less than 1A, “0A” will be indicated in the display.


At the CT ratio Setting: Please check if you clamp the sensor in reverse direction. Clamp the sensor so that the arrow symbol on kyoritu clamp sensor points the load side. The minus indication on Reactive power and Power factor means the phase lead the phase of the current moves forward against the voltage.

Without minus indication means the phase lag. Neutral current will be displayed in the case that the wiring is set to three-phase 4-wire 3P4W at the Setting: Kyoritzu you do not want to kyoritsy the integration value recorded previously, kyortsu press the ESC key at least 2 seconds or reset the previous data as per Setting: Reset of integration value Setting: It will not affect the data under recording even if the range is changed to the W range.

It is possible to measure the voltage only connecting the voltage sensor but not connecting any clamp sensors.

On the other hand, it is also possible to measure only the current by connecting the clamp sensors but not connecting the voltage sensor.

Therefore, the setting of stop time and date will be cancelled. In case the recording even does not stop at the stop time and date which is set, please make contact with Kyoritsu or with your local Kyoritsu distributor.

Please see here for the display ranges and the accuracy ranges for each clamp sensor. Haven’t you first opened the file with Excel and closed the file you saved it with Excel? Please do not open and save ,yoritsu files generated bywith Excel.