Recently, I have discovered books from Kvetoslav Minarik, a Czech yogi and mystic who sees yoga as the direct path to enlightenment. Phone, Suggest a phone number Kvetoslav Minarik. 45 likes. Květoslav Minařík was a Czech yogi and mystic. Kvetoslav Minarik: 1. Home.

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Recently, I have discovered books from Kvetoslav Minarik, a Czech yogi and mystic who sees yoga as the direct path to enlightenment.

Kvetoslav Minarik

Miinarik most people imagine some headstands and lotus positions but according to Mr. Minarik, the most important part of yoga is the mind control which can eventually lead to freeing oneself from the cycle of reincarnation.

I found his teaching really helpful and it cleared many things for me.

Meditation is not and escape from the material world. During the meditation, one should actually watch his own mind and body. For example focusing on one body part and through this concentration becoming one with it and thus reaching the emptiness.


Watching the thoughts, watching the body but not becoming a part kvwtoslav it.

Asceticism is not just about sitting in a cave with no food. The true asceticism is about avoiding the thoughts that we enjoy but that lead to making us blind and strengthening the influence of our ego. The goal however is not to keep getting rewards for the good deeds or getting punishment from the bad ones. Eventually one loses the ego.

The ego dissolves and one reaches the nirvana. This a big obstacle though.

Kvetoslav Minarik

The ego controls us in many ways. At first it tries to bind us here in this world by wanting us to satisfy our needs, lusts and passions. Then when we walk down the spiritual path it tries to convince us we are better than the others, that our experience is unique and special. Fear so terrible that the stomach aches, the body becomes ill, people become paralyzed by it and rather return to the previous life without spirituality, trying to do as many activities as possible because the emptiness is so terrifying.

Emptiness means freeing ourselves from all the kvetoslva and expands our perception of everything. It allows us to objectively evaluate our own thoughts and actions, not being controlled by anything. Ego would do anything to avoid this though.


An interesting point of view form those books is that one of the main things on the path to enlightenment is to follow the moral laws. It is one of the most important things, event more important than the meditation techniques themselves because by cultivating our minds with the moral laws we will eventually naturally come to the meditation. All the comments are reviewed before publishing!

Meaningless posts are automatically refused.

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