DUA’A 78 It is written in Kanzul Maknun to recite the following verse of Al Baqarah between wudu (ablution) and salat for increase in sustenance. WA ID’ AA. It is written in Kanzul Maknun to write the following du-a’a on a paper like a Ta’ wid and bind it on the right arm of the grown up girl who is not. It is written in Kanzul Maknun, on the authority of the Holy Prophet, if the following du-a’a is recited after praying a 2 rakat salat, it increases sustenance.

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Imam Ali Ibn abi Talib said: The Holy Prophet said: To keep maknunn devils at bay and to destroy the effects of magic recite verses 54 to 56 of Al Araf. They did as advised and their son was fully cured. Recite salawat 15 times then say: Do not eat animal meat b.


Eat any halaal lawful food purchased by halal lawfully earned money c. Give alms to the poor.

Imam Ali bin Husayn Zayn al Abidin said: Inshallah the jinn will go away: It is written in Kanzul Maknun that the blood of man can be congealed by sorcery, so as to render him incapable of sleeping with any woman.

Boil 3 eggs of hen, and remove their shells i write verse 71 of al Khaf with saffron on kabzul egg and give it to the man to eat it.

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