Cellphone manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your cellphone and other products at ManualsOnline. Download SONY ERICSSON KI MECHANICAL service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Sony Ericsson Ki User Manual • Conference calls • Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones.

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Improvements mnual changes to this User guide necessitated by typographical errors, inaccuracies of current Java and all Java based trademarks and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. Battery Some functions use more battery power than others and may require frequent recharging. If talk time or standby time becomes noticeably shorter, you may have to replace the battery.

Slide the SIM card into its holder with the golden contacts facing down. To insert the battery Remove the battery cover. If predefined settings exist in your phone, you may not need more settings. If you Settings download, you 5k30i accept to register the phone at Sony Ericsson. A text message is sent. No personal k5530i will be transferred to or processed by Sony Ericsson. Settings download Automatically set up functions in your phone that use the Internet; Internet, picture messaging, email, My friends, synchronization, update service, blog and streaming.

You can use Settings download your SIM card supports the service, your phone is connected to a network, it is started in normal k530 and does not already have predefined settings.

When a new event occurs, the tab appears. Press to dismiss an mahual from k503i event tab. Phone overview Some icons on keys may differ. This is the Internet version of the user’s guide. Navigation The main menus are shown as icons.

Some submenus include tabs. Scroll to a tab by pressing Go to the main menus or select highlighted items. Move through menus and tabs.

Select options shown above these keys on the screen. Go back one level in the menus. View a shortcut guide when using the camera. From standby, press and then unlock the phone keys. Turn off the ringtone when receiving a call. Status bar Some of the icons that may appear: GSM network manuwl strength.

Battery charging, appears with battery status icon. Phone language Select the language to use in the phone menus or when writing text. From standby, you can also press: To insert and remove a memory card Insert a memory card as shown with the contacts facing up.

Sony Ericsson K530i Manuals

Press the edge to release and remove the card. You can also move and copy files between a computer and the memory card. Calling Calls, video calls, contacts, call list, speed dial, voice control, groups, business cards. Making and receiving calls Before you can make or manuao any calls, you must turn on k530ii phone and be within range of a network. Emergency calls Your phone supports international emergency numbers, for example, In some countries, other emergency numbers may also be promoted.


Default contact Phone contacts is selected as default, your contacts show all the information saved in Contacts. If you select contacts as default, your contacts show information depending on the SIM card. Memory status The number k5330i contacts you can save in the phone or on the SIM card depends on available memory.

Call list Information about most recent calls. Voice control Manage calls with your voice by creating voice commands to: The magic word Record and use a voice command as a magic word to activate voice control without pressing any keys. The magic word can only be used with a portable handsfree. Two voice lines Make separate calls with different phone numbers if your subscription supports Alternate Line service.

Select Activate or Deactivate, enter your password Fixed dialling The fixed mwnual function allows calls to be made to manul numbers saved on the SIM card. Additional calling functions Tone signals Use telephone banking services or control an answering machine manuwl tone signals during a call. Some language-specific characters use more space. For some languages you can deactivate National chars. Saving and deleting text messages Received text messages are saved in the phone memory.

When the phone memory is full, delete messages or move nanual to the SIM card to be able to receive new messages. If no Internet profile or message server exists, you can receive all the settings for MMS automatically from your network operator or from www. Before sending a picture message, you can check: The address of your message server and an Internet profile are set.

Receiving picture messages Select how to download your picture messages and how to save items that you receive in picture messages.

Voice messages Mmanual and receive a sound recording as a voice message. The sender and receiver must have a subscription supporting picture messaging. The email address that you use on your computer can also be used in your phone. To do this, your phone needs the same email settings as used by your computer for email address. To use your computer email address in your phone, do one of the following: When settings are entered, your phone can connect to manua, email server to send and receive email messages.

For more information, contact your email provider. Push email Receive a notification in your phone from your email server that you have new email, if supported by your email provider.

Conversation history is preserved between log out and mwnual in to let you return to chat messages from previous conversations. To take a picture or record a mxnual clip From standby, press Saving pictures and video clips When you have taken a picture or recorded a video clip, the phone saves it in the phone memory or on the memory card. Themes Change the appearance of the screen, for example, through items such as colours and wallpaper, by using msnual.


Your phone has some predefined themes that cannot be deleted if they are protected. You can create new themes and download them to your phone.

Sony Ericsson Cell Phone Ki User Guide |

For more information, go to www. Music player and video player Your phone supports, for example, the following file types: The phone also supports streamed files that are 3GPP compatible.

To install Disc2Phone Turn on your computer and insert the CD that came with your phone or go to www. The CD starts automatically and the installation window opens. Select a language and click OK. Click Install Disc2Phone and follow the instructions.

When you delete a playlist or a file from the playlist, the actual music or video file is not deleted from the memory, just the playlist reference to it. You can still add the file to another playlist. Select Shuffle to play the playlist files in random order, or Loop playlist when the last file has been played. Radio Listen to the FM radio. Connect the handsfree to the phone as it works as the antenna. Do not use mamual phone as a radio in places where this is prohibited.

This function is network- or operator- dependent. You can also trim away parts of a video clip to mankal it.

Sending video clips You can send a video clip using manuual of the available transfer methods. Short video clips can be sent using picture messaging. If maunal video clip is too long, you can use the trim function to make a video clip shorter.

You can view information or set different permission levels. Connectivity This manhal the Internet version of the user’s guide. Page up Not used Page down – one at a time Fullscreen Landscape Normal screen Zoom Shortcuts Downloading Download files, for example, pictures, themes, games and ringtones from Web pages. Internet services or the USB cable included with the phone. Synchronization with a computer Install synchronization software for your computer found in the Sony Ericsson PC Suite on the CD, included with the phone.

The software includes help information.

Conference calls – Sony Ericsson K530i User Manual

Manuall can also go to www. Remote synchronization using Internet Synchronize online using an Internet service. We recommend a range within 10 metres 33 feetwith no solid objects in between, for Bluetooth communication.

Power save Turn on to reduce power consumption by optimizing your phone for use with a single Bluetooth device. Turn off to connect with several Bluetooth devices at the same time. The PC Suite also includes help.