To annotate PDFs in zotero, I am using a software (freeware), PDF Jarnal is an open-source application for notetaking, sketching, keeping a journal, making a. annotate pdf I thought that college students get heavy discounts on. Jarnal is a free, open-source software for note taking, sketching, keeping a journal, making a presentation, PDF and image annotating.

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Evernote, in particular, can definitely be considered a giant when it comes to the many platforms it has apps for and how versatile it is. Jarnal is also a great note-taking application that can run in Annotste, Mac and Linux and deserves a mention, without a doubt, for its extensive features. Jarnal is an open-source note-taking and sketching application that you can run without installing it as the program is bundled in a zipped filebut there are also installable versions for Windows and Mac on the official wiki and SourceForge page.

Debian users will also anntoate able to download a.

Windows Journal, which comes bundled in certain editions of Windows XP, Vista, and 7, is actually a very neat and handy application for taking notes on your tablet PC, whether they are ajnotate or typed notes.

There were certain drawbacks to Windows Journal though, namely, jaenal lack of additional importable files you could only insert picturesand the inability to export to PDF or something other than the.

I used Windows Journal for a while, enjoying how I was able to insert and remove space for new notes, which I could select and move around to my liking. What bugged me a tad bit was the fact that I had to batch convert PDF slides for my classes to image jarnla before I could insert them in Journal.


Take notes and annotate documents with Jarnal

This is where Jarnal shines. You first unzip the file, run jarnal. You can also save the current page as an image or save it as a Jarnal file.

Xnnotate imagine keeping these separate document and image files would make it harder to consolidate the study material so Jarnal is definitely a nice program worth trying for students. Enlighten us in the comments! Your email address will not be published. I don’t remember seeing a recording audio feature, but I do know that to take multimedia notes, you can use InClass at http: So is annorate similar to Microsoft Office OneNote?

Is there a way to record audio? That’s a feature I like in my OneNote Sadly I don’t own a iPhone nor a iPad. Only a ipod [no cam] Currently I’ve been using sound recorder under accessories.

Most note taking software allows users to save information digitally and then recall it at a later date. Wiznotes understands that the users are entering information, not just so that they can retrieve it at a later date, but in order to help them learn that information for their course.

Therefore there are productivity features such as tables that actually test the users.

Take Notes & Annotate PDFs The Easy Way With Jarnal [Cross-Platform]

After a student enters information into a table, she can than simply change the table to go into ‘test’ mode and the table will test her on the information that she entered. It actually does much more than that. Wiznotes remembers which items she answered incorrectly so that when jarnla is tested again, the random items presented to her will be weighted to test her more often on the items that she does not know so well yet.


This is just one small example of how Wiznotes helps students to actually learn what they write notes about. From feedback we get from students we hear that they very much like the collapsible sections that Wiznotes has. A user can mark that she knows very annotte a few paragraphs of her notes – then those paragraphs will collapse and only a title will be displayed. This is extremely useful when students review their notes before their exams. There are many more features presented in demo videos at http: I hope this answers your question.

More and more students are finding Wiznotes to be useful software for taking notes.

Take notes and annotate documents with Jarnal

It allows students to not only take notes, but is a productivity tool to help them learn whatever they are studying. There is a special price for students in university or college – FREE! Can you explain more why students should use this over other free software for taking notes, such as Evernote? And how does it enhance annotqte The test features sounds nice.

I might check it out since it’s free for students. Thank you for your explanation!

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