Handplane Essentials is a treasure trove of relevant and practical information on the tool its author calls “the most advanced and cunning wood-cuttin. Handplane Essentials from Lee Valley Tools. Lee Valley offers high-quality woodworking tools (woodturning, wood finishing, sharpening, woodcarving). Handplane Essentials by Christopher Schwarz. Hi I just received this book yesterday (from LV). I am just getting into handtools and thought this.

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Results 1 to 14 of Handplane Essentials by Christopher Schwarz. I am just getting into handtools and thought this would be informative.

The Making of ‘Handplane Essentials, Revised Edition’

I have only read a couple of chapters so far, it is very well written and appears to be quite comprehensive. My only complaint would be that there are no colour photos.

Google Sponsor Google Sponsor. I have ‘the handplane book’ by hack. It’s on the bookshelf in my living room, right by my fireplace. I always find it interesting when somone takes it off the shelf not knowing what it is and get really interested in it.

My friends girlfriend started reading a few pages and then wanted to see what a plane could do. I planed the side of some curly maple with my ln 7 and she was engrossed.

Needless to say, in today’s world, people move way too fast to learn about the simple techniques and artistry of woodworking. I, too, was such a victim. Join Date Mar Posts I got it several weeks ago. My initial impression was that I liked it. Having read it a couple more times over the holidays, I have to say I love it.

Probably not as much as I love his workbench book, but still really outstanding.

I only wish I’d gotten it sooner. The format of the book is a little odd, to my thinking. That took me some time for me to warm up to, but the upside is it makes it quite easy to find something you read earlier without having to page through the whole book. I liked the black and white photos.


Clear and even a little classy-feeling. To each their own. The photos in Garrett Hack’s classic handplane book are more beautiful, I’d agree, but for me the text in Schwarz’s book is far more informative. Handllane because I had very high expectations, I was a little disappointed. But essentiaps than hijack your thread I’ll save those two cents for another time. Schwarz is great to read, but incredibly boring to listen to obviously, my opinion only.

I have his Workbench book and it’s my bible when when it comes to that. I also have “Handtool Essentials” which he wrote several pieces of – it’s also always at arms reach. His blogs also keep my interest.

Frankly, had I not bought both at the same time, I’d only own one. I think I fell asleep twice before getting through the first and the second was also painful. Great information, but he went on and on and on. Perhaps I’m a loner in this opinion.

The Hack book is on the way and I’m looking forward to it. I downloaded it from FW and was impressed so had to have a hard copy. I got mine a wile back and like it Not a bible, but a good book in general.

Handplane Essentials – Lee Valley Tools

I don’t mind the BW pictures, I kind of like it acrualy I also use only hand tools so I guess I’m old school! Join Date Dec Posts I listened to Chris Schwarz in person at one of the LN events in Philadelphia a couple years ago and found him to be an excellent teacher. I bought this book after reading his workbench book Essentiaos read the plane book first.

Then I read most of it a second time.

This is a very well put together book. It also has plenty of nice color pictures! Originally Posted by Don Dorn. Great information, but he went on and on and on.

Originally Posted by Mark Maleski. I have both those videos, and others of his, and have never formed that opinion. But I kind of like understated presentations full of valuable information – have a look at “Make A Chair From A Tree” sometime, if you haven’t already. If you’re not fascinated by the lesson, you will fall asleep from the presentation. I hope I haven’t slipped into the crowd of people who go around doing nothing but heap effusive praise on Chris.


To wssentials that, let me add this: Its funny, I thought the same thing of ole Roy when I first saw him, back when I preferred tools with tails I might add but since shifitng my style to much more neandering, I have to say I find myself glued to the set when hes on.

Interestingly enough, I found that there is kind of a reason he has that esentials Originally Posted by Matt Evans. It might just be me, but I find Roy Underhill to be far too energetic. Informative and personable, yes. A good teacher, yes. Deserving hajdplane following he has, yes. But, give me a little less energy in presentation any day. That which does not kill you will likely raise your insurance premiums. Interesting note on the unscripted 3 takes bit. It makes sense, in hindsight, and, as I said, I have respect for the man, his work, and think he deserves the following he has.

Handplane Essentials

Still, I think the show is too fast for me. I have a feeling it comes partly from the fact that I don’t watch TV, period. I watch a few things online, and I will watch a movie now and then, but TV is non-existent in my house.

Also, I lead a rather laid back existence myself, and have a difficult time with things that move too fast. I worked in the DC area for a long time, and while I didn’t mind the area, the constant “move as fast as you can, regardless of the outcome” attitude had me constantly wishing I was in the shop, working at a proper pace, relaxed, able to appreciate the nuances of the craft that you miss when working at high speed.

Join Esssntials Apr Posts Originally Posted by Chris S Anderson. Sponsored Hanndplane Private Forums Authors. All eesentials are GMT The time now is 6: