Offers a wide selection of GN Netcom wireless soundtube headsets including wireless telephone headset, corded headsets, cell phone headsets, cellular. This is the GN Netcom / replacement headband. This headband will only work with with the GN Netcom series headsets (Flex, soundtube, and. GN Netcom wireless headset with flex boom mic. You’re working faster and trying to accomplish more. Like solving problems down the hall and interacting.

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Like solving problems down the hall and interacting with everyone around you. And while most technology has evolved to meet your changing needs, your phone has not.

GN Netcom 9120 Wireless Headset / Jabra 9120

Now you ggn be up to feet away from your desk without being out of touch. The GN combines the sound quality and economic practicality of a landline with wireless freedom.


As businesses expand beyond their own backyards, conference calls have become a way of life. Which means shouting into a speakerphone.

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Granting access is easy and simple. Just place another headset in your charging station and press a button on your headset.

Calls are gm, private, and completely secure. What separates the GN from other wireless systems? To prevent eavesdropping, the GN features a multi-layered security system.

And finally, the smart power management system controls the signal range. GN Boom Features: Turn your phone into a productivity tool.

Technical Details

The GN Wireless Headset System turns your conventional phone into a hands-free productivity tool, giving you the freedom to talk up to feet from your desk and the power to hold wireless conference calls with up to four participants. It weighs about an ounce, and can fit comfortably on your ear or over your head.

Batteries last up to eight hours and are easily replaceable.


There are even three different boom options designed to fit your style. Call for pricing 1 GN Netcom wireless headset with flex boom mic.