Jun 1, Bataille uses parody in “The Solar Anus” to attack the concepts underpinning On another level as well, Bataille’s “Solar Anus” challenges any attempt at ” Parodie Cosmogonique: L’anus solaire de. Georges. Bataille. Sep 25, We learn that a friend of Bataille’s upon reading his essay “The Solar Anus” would be horrified to the point that he’d seek a “psychoanalytical. Georges Bataille – The Solar Anus english translation by marie_michelle_desch in Book Excerpts.

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Waking up I associate the horror of rats with the memory of my father correcting me… this has the effect of reminding me that my father being young would have wanted to do something atrocious to me with pleasure.

Yet, it was against this false semblance of Idealism that Bataille would lop the head of reason in favor of an interior journey into the labyrinths of the physical body itself, down into the sacred precincts of cruelty, sex, and violence.

Reason begins to journey back into the cave or labyrinth of darkness where matter seems to shine like a golden child. That Andre Breton and Georges Gdorges would not see eye to eye on things is an understatement.

Breton in The Second Manifesto pdf would criticize Bataille harshly:. Bataille interests me only insofar as he imagines that he is comparing the harsh discipline of the mind to which we intend purely and simply to subject literally everything-and we see no problem in making Hegel primarily responsible for it to a discipline which does not even manage to seem anhs cowardly, for it tends to be that of the nonmind and it is there, in fact, that Hegel awaits it.

Bataille despised the demagoguery of Breton who seemed more the Pope of a private religion, a dictator who demanded total and complete submission to his authority from his disciples.

I am the Jesuve, the filthy parody of the torrid and blinding sun. In fact, Sabianism in solr is still unmythological and unhistorical, since no individual element forms a sequence or a step forward for it. This, geoeges, does not prevent it from being, at least for us, the first member and element of a future progression, that is, of a future mythology, which in general is already acknowledged in advance.


PM, II, 6. This death of the real principle had to be violentthe result of a struggle, not gentle and quiet, but, as I say, explicitly, cum ictu et actu bound, so that consciousness expressly posits also the spiritual god as that which was not possible without the death struggle of the real god.

The unmanning of the father and of the devouring and engulfing acephalous gods is always carried out by the sons of these fathers— Chronos and Zeus.

The Solar Anus

But it follows from what we have seen so far that the unmanning, the downfall of the exclusive and upright-standing gods— an act that introduces the transition into actual mythology— is the overturning of the castrating principle itself.

The gods unmanned by Chronos or Zeus are the devouring acephalous gods threatening their childrenwhose very headlessness— similar to the head of the Medusa, but in an inverse fashion— represents the threat of castration. Is this not the blind god of the Sabians, the powerful god whose head must be chopped off, the dark acephalous god that Bataille must slay in order to overturn the castrating principle of fascism and authority?

Listen in on Bataille:. Waking up I associate the horror of rats with the memory of my father correcting me with a blow in the ahus of a bloody toad into which a vulture my father sinks his beak. My buttocks are bare and my stomach is bloody. Very blinding memory like the batwille seen through the lids of closed eyes, in red.

My father himself, I imagine that, since he is blind, he also sees the sun in blinding solarr. In his essay Base Materialism and Gnosticism Bataille would side with the darker folds of a material and base force and violent agitation, moving toward an image of thought that could overturn the Idealist systems that held civilization in its grips. Bataille describes the absolutely fallen matter refusing every authority in the following way: This origin, which is older than the origin known by Judeo-Christian philosophy, is crossed out provided that it is a split origin differing from itself.


This origin is through and through dualistic. As a crossed-out origin plowed through by opposing forces, through its own creative activity it can give life only to dualistic constructs, such as the hierarchical opposition of heaven and earth, master and slave, father and son.

The Solar Anus | The Anarchist Library

Its own creations are hierarchically structured, since as the principle of evil, as absolute evil, it needs the even deeper collapse of that which, as the elevated and powerful, is brought down by the activity of the low. The sacrifice of authority that the son represents zolar an acephalous figure also implies the renunciation of the ruse of reason.

His act cannot but appear to be nonsensical in comparison with that of the crafty father, who accepts his death, and functions as the presupposition of the parousia of meaning. The act of the son who kills his father without any remorse is repetition in its deathly form. Against the ruse of the father who employs repetition specifically for znus purposes of mastery, the son repeats the fatal repetition and drives the purposeful repetition to its abysmal borders.

Defiance, mastery, will to power are attributes of human reason first developed soolar the symbolic manipulation of excrement and perpetuated in the symbolic manipulation of symbolic substitutes for excrement.

Bataille would understand that sex and circulation: This for playing with a hoop. My father slaps me and I see the sun.

Georges Bataille: The Excremental Vision as Solar Ecstasy

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