Office Phone Shop stock the Ericsson Dialog phone, product code: DBC 01/E. View and Download Ericsson Dialog Basic user manual online. Analog Telephones for Ericsson MD and MX-ONE Telephony Switch. Dialog View and Download Ericsson Dialog Basic quick reference manual online. Dialog Basic Telephone pdf manual download. Also for: Dialog

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This text should then be hidden. The features described in this User Guide are related to version 5. There may be some differences in the way your phone is programmed. Please consult your system administrator if you need further information. The latest version of this User Guide can also be downloaded from: Throughout the guide you will be advised if a function is adapted for a particular telephone or not.

The Ericsson Basic and Medium analog phones can be connected to all types of telephone exchanges. No parts of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval systems, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of the publisher except in accordance with the following terms. If this publication is made available on Ericsson media, Ericsson gives its consent to downloading and printing copies of the content provided in this file only for private use and not for redistribution.

No parts of this publication may be subject to alteration, modification or commercial use. Ericsson will not be liable for any damages arising from use of an illegal modified or altered publication. Ericsson shall not be liable for errors contained herein nor for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance or use of this material.

Details to be found at: If you unplug the telephone, stored numbers will remain for about 24 hours. Switch microphone on or off. A flashing light indicates a waiting message. Programmable key for storing of one frequently called number.

Ericsson Dialog Basic User guide |

Redial last number dialled. Insert a pause if you have to wait for dial tone when programming a number into the memory. Also used to reverse the polarity in case of crossed line cables. The handset may attract and retain small metal objects in the earcap region.

Key for access to secondary key functions these functions are stated on the second line of the corresponding key. Switch loudspeaker on or off. Insert a pause if you have to wait for dial tone.

At the headset position the loudspeaker key activates a dialot headset. At the loudspeaker position the loudspeaker key activates the loudspaker. Dial tone System ready to accept digits Special dial tone System ready to accept digits, active diversion on telephone Ringing tone – repeated after 4 s Ringing signal to called party Special ringing tone – repeated after 4 s Busy tone Called party is busy Number unobtainable ericsxon Called number not accessible or ericsosn Call Waiting tone Blocking tone Call cannot be executed due to congestion or called party blocked Verification tone Verification that ordered function is accessed Intrusion tone Sent to all parties during Intrusion Coference tone – repeated after ericssn s Sent to all parties in a Conference BusinessPhone — Analog Telephone 11 Sialog Signals Ringing signals are emitted from the phone.


Internal ringing signal – repeated after 4 s External ringing signal – repeated after 4 s Automatic Callback signal Note: The tones and ringing signals in this guide refer to the standard system cialog may vary between countries. Lift the handset and call the ringing extension. You receive busy tone. BusinessPhone — Analog Telephone 13 Incoming Calls Answer a second call A call waiting tone will inform you, during a conversation, that a second call is waiting on your phone.

You have two options. The new call will be signalled on your phone. Lift the handset to receive the new call. Press and replace the handset. The waiting call will be signalled on dialob phone.

After finishing the new call: Your first call will be signalled on your phone. Lift the handset to receive the first call again. These functions will help you in your attempts to diallog contact with the called party. Make calls u z 0z d How to make internal and external calls.

Lift the handset and dial either: An extension number to make an internal call. The digit s for external call access and the external number. Which digit to press for external call access, depends on the configuration of the system.

Ericsson Dialog 4106 Basic Quick Reference Manual

Replace the handset to end the call. BusinessPhone — Analog Telephone Note: This function is not supported for other analog telephones, only for the Dialog Basic and Dialog Medium phone. In such situations, you must store the pause for a new dial tone into the number: Manual dial pause control: You can control the ericson of a dial pause manually if you store the pause after the fifth digit or later.

This function is very useful, if you are connected to a PBX that requires a new dial tone for extension numbers. To wait for a new dial tone, you have to store a pause before the extension ericson. The phone number is dialled without the extension, dialkg this example Press when the new dial tone is received.

Now the extension number is dialed. BusinessPhone — Analog Telephone Outgoing Calls Last External Number Redial When you initiate an external call the system automatically stores all the dialled digits, irrespective of whether the call was successful or not.

Stored numbers can consist of maximum 32 digits. To redial a number that incorporates a wait for a new dial tone, you must indicate to the telephone where in the number it must pause and wait for the new dial tone.

  ASTM D3802 PDF

Press to redial the last dialled external erixsson. On other analog telephones: This can also be used if no external line is free: You are called back if the extension finishes the ongoing call or the next time the extension finishes a new call.

You eeicsson to answer within eight seconds otherwise the Callback service is cancelled. Lift the handset when you are called back. The requested extension is called automatically. Camp-on 4 You can notify a busy extension of your call by a muted ringing call.

Keep the handset off hook. When the called extension replaces the handset it will be called automatically. If you receive the busy tone again, the desired extension does not allow Camp-on. Intrusion 8 You can intrude on an ongoing call on a busy extension if this function is allowed. Intrusion tone is heard and a three-party call is established. When the called extension replaces the handset and you keep off hook, the called extension will be recalled automatically. If you still hear the busy tone, your extension does not have the authority to intrude or the desired extension is protected against Intrusion.

You will be connected to the specified extension, regardless of which type of Call Forwarding the called dailog has activated. Abbreviated Numbers By using Abbreviated Numbers, you can make calls simply by pressing a few keys.

Frequently used external numbers are stored as Common Abbreviated Numbers in the exchange. Up to 10 Individual Abbreviated Numbers your personal most frequently used external numbers can be stored and used on the digit keys to.

Common Abbreviated Numbers can be dialled from every extension that has the authority to do so. Dial the Common Abbreviated Number. Please refer to your telephone directory. Lift the handset and press. Dial the Abbreviated Number. A number diapog 0 and 9. Select an Abbreviated Number between 0 and 9 and press.

Dial the digit s for external call access and dial the number. The number can consist of up to 24 digits. If your public network requires waiting for a second dial tone, press. Enter an Abbreviated Number between 0 and 9 and press. On the Dialog Basic you can also store one number on the Message key.

dialot Stored numbers can consist of maximum 21 digits. Wait for dial tone. Press to make a call pre-programmed. On the Dialog Basic: The Dialog Basic has four keys for Dial-by-Name programming; the three programmable keys and the Message key.

To store a number on the Message key, just press the key during the following procedure like a normal programmable key. Press a programmable key. If a number is already stored, it will be erased automatically.