dua e mustajaab with urdu translation dua e mustajaab ki fazilat dua mustajab in english dua e mustajaab benefits dua e mustajaab in arabic dua mustajab. Find dua e mustajab which is a Arabic prayer for e with dua text, translation & transliteration in English, there are many duas in Islam which are. Contextual translation of “dua mustajaab” from Hindi into Arabic. Examples translated by humans: دعاء مستجاب, dua mustajaab.

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Based on an article originally in Arabic that can be found here. Have patience inn do not be hasty in your expectation of a response, for this is a lack of befitting etiquette adab with God. Such a person is like someone who plants and sows a seed, watering and caring for it, and when they fail to see it blossom quickly, abandons it.

Be vigilant about eating only the halal and do not allow anything to enter your mustaajb which is not from the permissible. Have a good opinion of God and be hopeful for His response. Supplicate with a focused, present and aware heart, and reflect deeply on what you are saying.


For example, asking to be given the rank of a prophet, for eternal life, adabic assistance in committing a prohibited act are inappropriate supplications and amount to transgression.

juha :: Dua mustajab in arabic pdf book

Encourage good and prohibit wrong in your daily life. Begin your supplication by first praising Allah hamdthen sending prayers on the Prophet peace be upon him ; mustqjab continue with your needs and requests. Supplicate facing the qiblah and choose your words well.

There are no better supplications than those in the Book of Allah the Quran and the Prophetic tradition; they are most blessed. Ask Allah as a seeker – humbled, lowered, and in dire need of your Lord and what He has. Speak with a tongue of humility, need, genuineness and honesty, realizing your true state before God, and not elaborate eloquence or artifice.

Realize your abasement; He will assist you with His Exaltedness. Realize your inability; He will assist you with His power. Realize your weakness; He will assist you with His strength.

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Choose the best times to supplicate, in which supplication is more likely to be answered, such as the Day of Arafah, the month of Ramadan and particularly its mudtajab ten nights, the day of Friday each week, the last hours of the night, and between adhan and iqama.


Continued in the next post, inshaAllah!

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