It would be wonderful to have this supported in IrfanView. It has been adopted at the fixed and moving image formats for Apple iOS For a couple of years I’ve been using Irfanview bit (now with Windows 10 ) to process image files (from Nikon D). I want to. Widzisz wypowiedzi wyszukane dla słów: IrfanView IrfanView Pobierz jeszcze raz i masz foto w formacie JPEG, czyli takim jaki czyta fotosik 5 min roboty.

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Forum Program Support Problem with Irfanview bit 4. Results 1 to 4 of 4. Problem with Irfanview bit 4. I want to use it to process NEF files and have tried to do this but it’s not working. Also, I noticed today there is now bit 4. Should I download this? If so, will this be in the form of an update or do I need to first uninstall 4,42 and then install 4.

So all in all I need a little help in order to move forward. I’m sorry, my level of ability and knowledge is very low. I’ve been able to use Irfanview for what I’ve wanted to do so far but beyond that I know very little.

Wydrukuj serię miniatur zdjęć za pomocą IrfanView

NEF is just one of a bewildering range of RAW formats, with a wide range of variants, some of which will open in IrfanView, while others will not. If it does open them, it does not provide the level of control that a proper RAW studio would offer.

  BS 6399-2 PDF

I was able to open a NEF image for the D from this webpage. There is a setting in IrfanView to open the JPG preview image if it is irfanbiew, which is obviously much smaller and faster to load than irfanviw full sized NEF image. If using IrfanView as an image viewer then this is the best option. If you want to use RAW formats for professional image processing, your camera probably came with some suitable software for the task.

IrfanView PlugIns – Download

RAW images have greater colour depth. IrfanView is updated only once or twice a year.

Last edited by Bhikkhu Pesala; I have tried a Nikon D sample – 14bit compressed Lossless – from raw. But, as Bhikkhu Pesala said, there is really no point in using it for this.

You need a raw editor. Raw photos contain what the sensor has captured, this is much more data than can be stored in a jpeg file, in wider or bit colour spaces, which gives you advanced editing possibilities.

You can manipulate colours and contrast in ways, that are impossible, when you edit a jpeg file. The first steps can be a little confusing, though. You will learn how to produce images, that you will czzyta better than out-of-the camera jpegs.

After that, I would try some of the fine open-source raw editors, available for Windows. LightZone is quite user friendly, using a dozen of well designed tools in combination with hand-drawn regions and luminosity and colour masks for local editing, so most of the time there is no need for further retouching in an external raster editor. LightZone is my favourite, I’m using it, whenever possible.


It lacks, for instance, tools for chromatic aberration and lens distortion corrections. These are under development and might be finished some day.

The included Help is good and there are video tutorials available, plus a kind user forum. RawTherapeein combination with the manual orfanview, provides a range of tools, from basic to very advanced ones, offering many ways of doing similar things, with very precise controls. I’m using it for “problematic” photos, that require, for instance, advanced noise reduction, highlight reconstruction, perspective corrections etc. While LightZone is using a single algorithm for rendering – demosaicing – the raw data, RawTherapee offers a dozen to choose from.

The default settings are well thought though, so one can start with the basics and learn step by step. RawTherapee has no local editing, for these it can seend bit tiffs to an external editor like Gimp 2. IrfanView can be set to send images to ten different external editors, and I must admit, I am using almost all of them.

code Multiple Crashes in IrfanView

But for a start, one or two should be enough. Last edited by Jacal; I have had ongoing connectivity problems.

Thanks very much for these answers. All times are GMT. The time now is