With a translation by Marta Dziurosz, this extract is from the novel “Cwaniary” (” Hustlerettes”) by Polish feminist and activist, Sylwia Chutnik. The article describes the motif of women and war in three novels by Sylwia Chutnik (born ): Kieszonkowy atlas kobiet (Pocket Atlas of Women) The city as an endangered space – reflections based on Sylwia Chutnik’s novel ‘ Cwaniary’. Languages of publication. PL. Abstracts. In Chutnik’s novel Warsaw.

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Kieszonkowy atlas kobiet, Dzidzia, Cwaniary Kieszonkowy atlas kobiet, Dzidzia, Cwaniary: The article describes the motif of women and war in three novels by Sylwia Chutnik born Drawing from the context of modern Western studies, reflections on these works concern the relationship between gender and war, assuming that it grants an active and heroic role to men while putting women in the role of civilian victims, and in doing so, it consolidates the traditional social hierarchy.


In her understanding, this memory forms an undertone in Polish culture, and has only recently been acknowledged by the so-called oral history.

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Lost in Translation: Exclusive extract from Sylwia Chutnik’s Cwaniary | For Books’ Sake

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