This humble little device is a near-relative of the “crowbar” over-voltage Completely solid-state, this quarter-sized, sealed module is capable of taking a. voltage is to crowbar—that is, short out—the pow- A nonisolated dc/dc converter implements crowbar-based overvoltage protection. OR POWER MODULE. This overvoltage protection circuit (OVP) protects sensitive electronic circuitry from overvoltage transients or regulator failures when used Power Modules .. MC Overvoltage Crowbar Sensing Circuit with Adjustable Threshold Voltage.

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A crowbar circuit is an electrical circuit used for preventing an overvoltage condition of a power supply unit from damaging the circuits attached to the power supply. It operates by putting a short circuit or low resistance path across the voltage output V oquite like were one to drop a crowbar across the output terminals of the power supply.

Crowbar circuits are frequently implemented using a thyristorTRIACtrisil or thyratron as the shorting device. Once triggered, they depend on the current -limiting circuitry of the power supply or, if that fails, the blowing of the line fuse or tripping the circuit breaker.

An example crowbar circuit is shown to the right. The resistor divider of R 1 and R 2 provide the reference voltage for the LM Since this voltage is below the minimum reference voltage of the LM, it remains off and very little current is conducted through the LM The voltage at the gate terminal will be pulled down, exceeding the gate trigger voltage of the TRIAC and latching it on.


A crowbar circuit is distinct from a clamp in pulling, once triggered, the voltage below the trigger level, usually close to ground. A clamp prevents the voltage from exceeding a preset level.

MC Overvoltage Crowbar Sensing Circuit with Adjustable Threshold Voltage

Thus, a crowbar will not automatically return to normal operation when the overvoltage condition is removed; power must be removed entirely to stop its conduction. An active crowbar is a crowbar that can remove the short circuit when the transient is over thus allowing the device to resume normal operation.

Active crowbars use a transistor, gate turn off GTO thyristor or forced commutated thyristor instead of a thyristor to short the circuit. Active crowbars are commonly used to protect the frequency converter in the rotor circuit of doubly fed generators against high voltage and current transients caused by the voltage dips in the power network.

Thus the generator can ride through the fault and quickly continue the operation even during the voltage dip. The advantage of a crowbar over a clamp is that the low holding voltage of the crowbar lets it carry higher jodule current without dissipating much power which could otherwise cause overheating.

Also, a crowbar is more likely than a clamp to deactivate a device by blowing a fuse or tripping a breakerbringing attention to the faulty equipment. The term is also used as a verb to describe the act of short-circuiting the output of a power supply, or the malfunction of a CMOS circuit — the PMOS half of a pair lingering in a near on-state when only its corresponding Oovp is supposed to be on or the NMOS when the PMOS is mdoule to be on — resulting in a near short-circuit current between supply rails.


Crowbar Protection

Many bench top power supplies have a crowbar circuit to protect the connected equipment. Microwave ovens often use a microswitch that acts as a crowbar circuit in the door latch assembly. This will absolutely prevent the magnetron from being energized with modulle door open.

Activation will blow the main fuse and ruin the microswitch. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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