Fix your Compress function: private static byte[] Compress(Stream input) { using( var compressStream = new MemoryStream()) using(var compressor = new. Example of the DeflateStream & GZipStream in C#. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. DeflateStream DeflateStream(Stream, CompressionMode, Boolean) Initializes a new instance of the DeflateStream class by using the specified stream and.

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Problem compressing byte[] with DeflateStream. Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Hey guys I need to compress a byte[] with the System. DeflateStream Here’s deglatestream code I have so far: Write uncompressedCsvFile, 0uncompressedCsvFile.

Problem compressing byte[] with DeflateStream

Read compressedCsvFile, 0int outStream. Lentgh is much smaller than the uncompressed byte[], but after i try to read the MemoryStream my compressed byte[] defltestream contains 0’s.

Am I doing something wrong reading the memory stream? I need to compress this array to send it over the wire and decompress it on the other side to work with.


Compressing it to a file won’t solve my problem. Top Rated Most Recent. Your stream is at the end when you read it. Seek 0SeekOrigin. Length ; You shouldn’t need the CanSeek test since a memory stream can always seek, but it is worth including. Harvey Saayman May 3: It seems that I had a different problem: I answered my own question with a working code example. The problem was getting the data out of the memory stream. ToArray ; returnes the compressed bytes. Write uncompressedFileData, 0uncompressedFileData.

Yep that works as well – because the ToArray effectively does the seek for you. It is worth remembering that you must reposition streams before reading if you are writing to them, deflatedtream you will read data from immediately after the last write. Harvey Saayman May 6: That makes sense yes: Add your solution here.

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C# DeflateStream DeflateStream(Stream, CompressionMode, Boolean)

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C# Tutorial – C# DeflateStream DeflateStream(Stream, CompressionMode, Boolean)

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DeflateStream Constructor (ssion) | Microsoft Docs

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How to use the DeflateStream class to compress and decompress a directory not directory of files. Detect the end of a DeflateStream. Problem with deflatestteam byte[] array in c for 64 bit operating System. Need an algorythm to compress a byte array. Trouble with GZipStream compression and decompression.