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BK Murli Today – 31 December Aapko padhkar bohot acha lagega, Baba ki seva karme me bahut aanand he.

Murlis here are posted from bkdrluhar. Date 31 December Read today’s BK Murlis which are very sweet to read, It gives immense pleasure to our soul, you will enjoy reading them.

Also read medition kaise kare in hindi. These precious teachings have been preserved through the years, and circulated to all the Brahma Kumaris branches throughout the world, and read out daily during ‘Murli-Class’ to the BK students, by the teacher-in-charge.

BK Murli Today – 31 December – BK Murli Today 26 December

Brahma Baba is our Alokik father – the father of humanity,and not only our eldest brother in this spiritual family, but also our great-great-grandfather since he is our first ancestor or the first deity Sri Krishna, the first leaf of the human tree – the Kalp Vruksh, the first prince of the new world.


Attend Murli class daily at your local center – braha and accurate attendance. Realize the importance of spiritual study – be alert. The best therapy for this: The added advantage of listening to it in a BK gathering is the powerful vibrations that will dailg re-charge you at the center, and will benefit anyone who diligently studies, and implements the teachings in their daily lives.

His Murli of Knowledge. Even if you don’t get time to study the classes, etc. These classes are a revision of Baba’s Murlis. This will serve as ‘food for thought’ throughout the day.

Brahmakumaris Murli

Imbibe immediately what you understand, the rest Baba will clarify in due time. Daily Meditation is equally important as studies, as meditation helps cleanse and purify the mind which in turn helps one to clearly understand Baba’s most elevated and invaluable teachings. Be constantly intoxicated that you are now God’s special chosen child, an elevated student in God’s University, and God Himself is teaching you!

The complete murlis are not distributed through e-mails because of various reasons Many souls would stop going to centers because they feel that reading muralis is all that they are expected to do. They miss the combined group yoga; new ones could never learn about drishti, and those who do not go to centers can not serve through their murlk, mind and wealth compared to what they could have done had they attended classes.


There would not be the feeling, belongingness, unity, and experience of the divine family.

Souls will be deprived of this wonderful opportunity by getting muralis at home. Even after being a regular mmurli for many years, quite a few souls still have their own manmat dictates of their mindstill have bhakti sanskars, and are not able to understand Baba ‘as He really is’.

BK Murli Today – 31 December 2018

If one starts studying muralis at home on his own, that is, without a senior BK explaining the real significance, and the deep aspects of gyan, there would be great loss There may be a few souls who have taken this knowledge and are presently living in places where there are no centers.

Such souls can contact kmuaris respective Zone in charge and be in touch with them so that some arrangement could be made to send muralis to them.

Usually it is the hard copies kumais are sent. We need to strictly follows the guidelines set by our seniors. Share it Tweet Share it Share it Pin it.