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It acts as a user-friendly front end, replacing the full GUIs Windows 2. The Amstrad-branded version opens with a warning that it should only be used on Amstrad computers.


However it appears to run successfully in non-Amstrad environments, such as the virtual machine used to make these screenshots. BGI to provide its graphics drawing functions.

The ‘Exit’ icon in the top right-hand 506 terminates Counterpoint immediately, returning you to the DOS prompt.

The clock in the bottom left-hand corner shows the time and date; the three buttons below it allow the format to be changed between analogue and digital, and the date and time to be set. The three icons in the middle of the screen lead to subfolders. As with Windows 95, you can mix program icons and subfolders freely; there is no one-level ‘program groups’ system as in Windows 3. On a stock PC, only the ‘Utilities’ submenu is populated.


Two separate ‘Games’ packages were sold; when these are installed, icons are added in the ‘Games’ subfolder. In a subfolder, the icon in the top right-hand corner takes you to the top level not the parent folder. If Counterpoint is left idle, a screensaver kicks in, with a clock that moves around the desktop.

The main menu drops down when the mouse hovers over it, as in GEM.

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The ‘Text Mode’ option switches to a blank text-mode screen, presumably for the convenience of text-mode popup utilities. The ‘Icons’ menu has four options: Create Icon to create a new shortcut or subfolder, and the remaining three to edit the icon properties. Programs set to have Counterpoint not resident are launched from a batch file which then reruns Counterpoint.

By default, newly-created icons are simple white outlines with text captions. The ‘Edit’ menu allows the captions and the commands executed by the icon to be changed. Each line is repeated 4 times, once for each of the four VGA planes.


internship works | Global Thinking –

LGO, in the same format. On a stock installation, it looks like this: Other arguments produce the error message Run CP. Presumably a bgu ‘Business’ package also existed, which populated the ‘Business’ menu. The ‘Format ‘ icon has been highlighted, which is why its colours are inverted. An icon editor can also be accessed from the “Appearance” option of the “Edit” menu. ICN file format The file format 0586 reasonably straightforward: DW width ;Icon width little-endian word DW height ;Icon height little-endian word followed by a bitmap.

To read the ink used for a pixel, code like this can be used: John Elliott 11 June