Anthraquinone glycosides. 1. Anthraquinone Glycosides Most of agents are used as laxatives and purgatives. The anthraquinone and related glycosides are stimulant cathartic and exert their action by increasing the tone of the smooth muscle in the wall of large intestine. anthraquinone. a derivative of anthracene, a dyestuff. Its derivatives, found in aloes, cascara sagrada, senna and rhubarb, act as cathartics. See also danthron.

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Anthraquinonealso called anthracenedione or dioxoanthraceneis an aromatic organic compound with formula C 14 H 8 O 2. Several isomers are possible, each of which can be viewed as a quinone derivative. The term anthraquinone, however, almost invariably refers to one specific isomer, 9,anthraquinone IUPAC: It is a building block of many dyes and is used in bleaching pulp for papermaking.

It is a yellow highly crystalline solid, poorly soluble in water but soluble in hot organic solvents. For instance, it is almost completely insoluble in ethanol near room temperature but 2. It also arises via the Rickert-Alder reactiona retro-Diels-Alder reaction.

Synthetic dyes are often derived from 9,anthraquinone, such as alizarin.


Anthraquinones Glycosides (3 Chemical Tests)

The anthraquinone is a redox catalyst. The reaction mechanism may involve single electron transfer SET. The anthraquinone is reduced to 9,dihydroxyanthracene which then can react with lignin. The lignin is degraded and becomes more watersoluble and thereby more easy to wash away from the pulp, while the antraquinone is regenerated.

Sodium 2-anthraquinonesulfonate AMS is a watersoluble anthraquinone derivative that was the first anthraquinone derivative discovered to have a catalytic effect in the alkaline pulping processes. A large industrial application of anthraquinones is for the production of hydrogen peroxide.

Derivatives of 9,anthraquinone include many important drugs collectively called anthracenediones. Natural anthraquinone derivatives tend to have laxative effects.

Prolonged use and abuse leads to melanosis coli. Several other isomers of anthraquinone are possible, including the 1,2- 1,4- and 2,6-anthraquinones. They are of comparatively minor importance.

Anthraquinone – Wikipedia

The term is also used in the more general sense of any compound that can be viewed as an anthraquinone with some hydrogen atoms replaced by other atoms or functional groups. These derivatives include substances that are technically useful or play important roles in living beings.

Recently, a class of anthraquinone derivates were shown to have self-healing properties when doped in PMMA matrix [13].


The enzyme encoded by the gene UGT1A8 has glucuronidase activity with many substrates including anthraquinones. Anthraquinone molecules adsorbed onto a Cu surface assemble cafhartics a highly ordered honeycomb structure.

Additionally, the patterned structure of anthraquinone is supported theoretically using both classical Monte Carlo [16] and quantum mechanical DFT [17] approaches. From Wikipedia, the free anthraquinome. Georgia Institute of Technology: The Institute of Paper Chemistry. Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. Correlation to their in vitro cytotoxic potential”.

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