Praise for My Love Lies Bleeding: `Harvey builds an engaging world of vampire cultures balanced with a smart mix of darkness and humor’ * Publishers Weekly. Read Bleeding Hearts read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Bleeding Hearts is a Young Adult novel by Alyxandra Harvey. Bleeding Hearts (Drake Chronicles, book 4) by Alyxandra Harvey – book cover, description, publication history.

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Buy The Drake Chronicles: Bleeding Hearts by Alyxandra Harvey at Amazon.

Book IV: Bleeding Hearts

Things in Violet Hill are not looking good at the moment. The small town is practically over run by the vicious Hel-Blar vampires: This has done them some favours — the Helios-Ra academy, previously sworn enemy of all things fanged and nocturnal, has united with the Drake Vampires in an uneasy truce to work together to wipe the Hel-Blar out for good.

But with the Blood Moon — an ancient meeting of vampires — approaching, and a Alyxqndra leader something previously unheard of demanding invitation. And as if Vampire politics and attacks weren’t enough to deal with, Lucy’s cousin Christabel has come to stay.


Used to the city, Christabel can’t understand why Lucy’s parents insist on curfews and not leaving the house after nightfall.

Bleeding Hearts (Drake Chronicles, book 4) by Alyxandra Harvey

But when Christabel is akyxandra by alyxandea new Hel-Blar leader, she’s about to discover exactly how dangerous a small town like Violet Hill can be in the dark. I’ve always felt this series was good, but not great. There were lots of interesting bleedjng happening, but never really explored in great detail, the grittier stuff brushed over for romance and hot boys.

And while Bleeding Hearts has plenty of the latter, it is somewhat darker and edgier than the previous instalments, with further reaching consequences than whether or not the latest teenage girl will get her happily ever after with one of the Drake brothers. A return to Lucy’s perspective is welcome, as she was always one of the better realised characters, and some development in other characters that previously took centre stage, but have since been somewhat ignored, made the book feel fuller.

Solange in particular was given some interesting developments, and the cliffhanger ending made harvy feel, for the first time with this series, like keeping an eye on the release date for the next book. It falls into the trappings of the previous instalments in blfeding senses — the romance is still based almost entirely on how hot the Drake boys are, and develops far too aoyxandra to have any real believability, but it’s forgivable, as the pace of the story and the action does sort of demand a slightly rushed and compacted narrative to keep the book at an easily digestible size.


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