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Users browsing this forum: Dec Mon 31, 3: Transistor substitutes 2N sub found. Jan Tue 05, 2: Jan Tue 05, 4: Makes it harder to find out why the 16′ bass isn’t working as I was hoping it was a bad transistor.

Anything related to the above. Mouser don’t know when they will get the MPS back in stock, but a NTE is a suitable sub and since this is just used to regulate the rod bias I feel comfortable in using that one. I’ll post the picture of the schematic in the main restoration topic viewtopic. May Mon 09, 4: After a ,long while I decided to tackle the noise issue. Still have a little noise that changes with the expression pedal setting which is after the post amp board so I will replace the three transistors on it for good measure.

New Jersey Semiconductor

Given these transistors just amplify the audio signal I am thinking any suitable sub will work ok. Just looked and I can bypass the reverb board far as the audio signal is concerned. I will need to do a test to see if the gain is unity or very close to unity as the reverb board sends the signal through one transistor and takes t he signal from the emitter and applies it to the emitter datasheeet the last transistor on the board to allow the clean signal to pass through.


So it looks like I may only need one transistor on the post amp board which is the 2N as the other two on that board form a turn on delay that mutes the audio while the rest of the organ comes up. Looks like perhaps I could use a 2N How much difference would that make if I just replaced all the 2N with the 2N?

New Jersey Semiconductor 2NN datasheet pdf

PDF 2N data http: Also if I still have some noise I will have to replace the 2N transistors in the solo and accomp mixing preamps and the complex voice preamp. If I wanted to do away with the reverb board completely how could I derive the 28Vdc? I found a suitable sub for the 2N It is the 2NA and I happened to find some in my stash. May Thu 26, 6: Dataseet is a Conn model organ. Made a mistake for the transistor number. Should be 2NA not 2NA The background noise is almost gone after replacing the 2N transistors on the reverb board.


The only issue I saw when testing the board at work was that there was a 1 volt increase in signal voltage out of the second 2N stage right after the input 2b2925 when I used the 2NA transistor. Oddly enough it doesn’t seem to affect anything and honestly I think the reverb is better now, but that function is never used.

2N datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits Small Signal Transistors

What I wonder is this. Could the 1 volt increase just be what the normal signal level was when the organ was new?

I can check it as the output dwtasheet the reverb amp that drives the reverb tank has a measurement point where a DB reading is listed.

Books Support This Site: Page 3 of 3. Previous topic Next topic. Transistor substitutes update Posted: Can you scan that section to share? Which section do you need to see? Watch out for the fact that those have different pinouts! What brand of organ is this?

I used to work on organs quite a bit, years ago. Baldwin liked to use those 2Ns, mostly “green” but occasionally “orange” as well.

In most cases it didn’t seem to make a whole lot of difference. Transistor substitutes 2N sub found Posted: